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BRUNO CONSTRUCTION MASONRY, Inc. is a Chicago Licensed Masonry and Tuckpointing Contractor that can rebuild or repair parapet walls on any size building.

Parapet Walls Repaired and Rebuilt in
the Chicago-land Area Since 1984.

         Parapet Walls Repaired and Rebuilt on Commercial and Residential Buildings 

Parapet walls are typically, the highest sections of the wall at the top of a building, unless you have a penthouse area.  Parapet walls are the sections of the wall that go above a roof line and are found on apartment buildings, condominium buildings, mid-to high rise buildings and sometimes even single family homes.  Parapet walls are found on all types of buildings from commercial to residential and more.  If you have a flat roof, then chances are that your building does have a parapet wall.  
Because these sections of wall are at the highest point of a building then they typically get the worst of the weather.  Parapet walls are the first to get any precipitation.  Becausee parapet walls get the worst of the weather it is at these locations that masonry starts to fail and water infiltration starts to occur.  If the parapet wall on your building is showing signs of failing joints such as, open joints, weathered joints, cracks or bulging brick then it is time for some kind of masonry maintenance to be done.  Bruno Construction masonry can determine if your parpaet wall needs maintenance such as grinding and tuckpointing, or even caulking on the copings to keep the water out or if the parapet wall needs to be rebuilt because bricks have shifted or are bulging.  Just becasue a specific section has shifted, does not necessarily mean that the entire parapet wall needs to be rebuilt.  It may only be a certain section of the parapet wall that needs to be rebuilt, while the other areas may only need some tuckpointing to be done, which can save the building owner some money for other repairs and maintenance.  Let Bruno Construction Masonry. inc. take a look at your building and parapet walls and we can give you our professional opinions as to what repairs are needed.    

Parapet wall taken down and being prepared for the rebuilding process.  Both layers are in need of rebuilding and the work was completed by Bruno Construction Masonry, Inc.

The parapet wall on this building was chipping and cracking.  The outside layer of white glazed brick was taken down and rebuilt with new white glazed brick.  The original copings remained.

This commercial office building high rise required that the penthouse elevation be rebuilt due to its latest Critical Inspection Report.  Bruno Construction was able to complete these high rise repairs.

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When does a parapet wall need tuckpointing repair and when does a parapet wall need rebuilding?

When a parapet wall has open joints and cracks then it may be also allowing water infiltration into the building.  If the parapet wall only has some open joints and cracks then it may only need some tuckpointing to repair it.  However, if bricks have shifted then most likely rebuilding will need to take place.  Depending on the situation we find it may be an easy fix or a larger project then was anticiapted by you, but no o matter what the case may be Bruno Construction Masonry, Inc. will provide you with all your options and recommend the best repair process needed to ensure your building is structurally sound and water tight.  In the past 30+ years we have repaired and rebuilt countless parapet walls throughout the chicago-land area.  With over 30 years of expereice we will be able to show and explain why a rebuilding is required or why a tuckpointing serivce is sufficient for the repair.  We will give you our honest and professional assessment and allow you to make the decsion for yourself so you feel comfortable working with us.