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Licensed, Bonded & Insured providing masonry restoration and masonry repairs in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

We will provide you with a certificate of insurance upon request.

 Licensed as a Mason Contractor in the City of Chicago and Many of the Surrounding Suburbs to take care of all of your tuckpointing and masonry restoration needs.

Make sure your Contractor is certified and registered.


is also licensed as a

General Contractor

in the City of Chicago, which is needed to take care of other repairs that may be needed besides masonry repairs.

Licensed and

Registered as a legal Business

Make sure your contractor runs a legal operation


The Void Marks appear when a copy is made. License Certificate is Valid.

A Typical Certificate of Insurance will look like this example. It will state Liability Policy number and the Worker's Compensation Policy number. These are 2 separate policies, but both are equally important for the building owner's protection in case of any accident.

Be sure to always ask for a "Certificate of Insurance" from any contractor you may use.

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A masonry contractor is required to be licensed and insured in the City of Chicago and even the suburbs in order to provide your home or building with masonry services such as lintel replacement, tuckpointing, brickwork, chimney repair or parapet wall repairs. Ask to see their license and a copy of their insurance.

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