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BRUNO CONSTRUCTION MASONRY, INC. can repair or completely rebuild any masonry chimney in the Chicagoland Area. We can help help determine if only grinding and tuckpointing is needed or if the chimney needs partial rebuilding or complete chimney rebuilding. We can inspect the chimney cap and provide a prefabricated chimney cap or pour a new concrete chimney cap.

Chimneys can be small or large.

We work on both residential and commercial sized Chimneys.

Sometimes the biggest problem with repairing a chimney is getting to the top.

We can get to the top of any Chimney.

Chimney Work:

Chimneys are an easy place for water to enter your home or building. They tend to go through many different temperature fluctuations throughout the day, especially during the winter months. During cold temperatures the furnace turns on, which is usually vented through the chimney. The heat from the furnace heats the inside of the chimney, while the outside temperatures can be below freezing. The constant freeze and thaw cycle throughout the winter can cause a lot of damage to your chimney. Give us a call and we can analyze the situation and tell you our recommendations. We can either rebuild the top of a chimney as needed or rebuild the entire chimney if required.

Sometimes the most difficult part of a chimney repair is getting access to the top of the chimney. Once there we recommend you take advantage of the cost in setting up the scaffolding and recommend that grinding be typically done at that time in order to prolong the life of the tuckpointing.

Grinding is typically done using a mechanical grinder that should be connected to a special vacuum in order to reduce the amount of dust released into the air. After grinding is done the extra dust still within the joint should be either rinsed out with water or blown out. We want to make sure that the new tuckpointing mortar properly adheres to the existing mortar still within the joint. Once the dust is removed the joint is typically at a depth of 3/4".

Commercial & Residential

Projects Accepted!

Licensed, Bonded & Insured!

⭐Chimney repair or rebuild needed?

Tuckpointing is much cheaper to do then rebuilding a brick, block or stone chimney. If you wait too long to complete the tuckpointing process the open joints may weaken the chimney and rebuilding will be needed.

To prolong the life of your tuckpointing we recommend that the joints be cut out to a depth of 3/4" in order to make room for new tuckpointing mortar to be placed into the joint.

Give us a call and we will give you our professional opinion as to what needs to happen to your chimney in order for the chimney and building to be structurally sound and watertight.




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