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Masonry Rest​oration​ and Tuckpointing Contractor


Critical Inspection and Report

📎Critical Inspection & Report

We can provide scaffolding services for your Engineer/Architect or can recommend an Architect or Engineer we have worked with for you.

The high rise repairs on this building in Hyde Park, Chicago included grinding, tuckpointing, brickwork and flashing installation on the shelf angles to prevent water infiltration.

This building on the south side of Chicago near the lake needed a lot of Critical Inspection Repairs from tuckpointing to lintel replacement to parapet wall rebuilding.

This high rise apartment building needed the concrete elevations repaired using the "form and pour method" and have the building re-coated with Modac.

This commercial office building high rise required that the penthouse elevation be rebuilt due to its latest Critical Inspection Report. Bruno Construction was able to complete these high rise repairs.

The City of Chicago Department of Buildings along with many other City's Building Departments typically require buildings 7 stories and higher to have a Critical Inspection completed and provide a Critical Report every few years depending on the ordinance on file.

Inspections are to be completed by either a licensed architect or a licensed engineer.  

Bruno Construction can provide the necessary scaffolding and manpower in order to allow access for the architect or engineer to take an up close look at the building. Openings will have to be made for the architect or engineer to inspect the interior side of the masonry walls and to see the condition of the steel lintels and steel shelf angles. Bruno Construction can provide all these services. At the end of the inspection the masonry openings will need to be closed up again and made watertight. Once the inspection is complete the architect or engineer will then provide a written report to the City Building Department detailing what he observed.

Once the report is made Bruno Construction can provide services for any necessary repairs that may be required by the report.