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Masonry and Tuckpointing Contractor for over 30+ years!



Tuckpointing is replacing the exterior layer of mortar between masonry units that has weathered or cracked.  Tuckpointing is necessary to strengthen a masonry wall and prevent water infiltration. Tuckpointing should be consider building maintenance.  


Grinding is done in order to remove the defective mortar from a joint. Grinding should be done  to provide more room for new mortar to be put into the joint.  We recommend a 3/4" depth.  

Lintel Replacement

Lintels are the piece of steel directly above a window or door opening on a masonry wall.  Lintels need to be replaced due to rusting and bending, which causes the lintel to fail.  When there are step cracks at the corner of windows or the steel is bending, then these are sure signs the lintels need to be replaced.            

Masonry Repairs

Masonry Repairs can be anything from tuckpointing to lintel replacement to brick, block & stone work.  From repairs to rebuilding to resetting.  No matter the masonry repair Bruno Construction can help.

Critical Inspections

Critical Inspections are inspections required by the City in order to check the safety of a mid to high rise building.  We work with many engineers and can perform the Critical Inspection and provide you with a Critical Report as well as perform any need Critical repairs that may be needed.

Violations Corrected

If the City of Chicago gave you a building violation then we can help you by getting the necessary permits and completing the work for you.  Permits are almost always need for correcting Building code violations on masonry repairs.


Caulking  deteriorates over time and needs to be replaced around windows and openings in order to keep the building watertight. Caulking can also help save on your energy bills.

Power Washing

Power Washing can be used to remove staining and clean the face of brick, block and stone.  

Modac Coatings

Modac is an attractive way to protect concrete structures.  We do not recommend sealing brick with Modac unless it has been previously painted already.  We recommend this product for concrete high rises.


Sandblasting is typically used to remove paint or coatings off of masonry walls when other methods have failed.   

Concrete Sealing

Sealing the concrete prolongs the life of the concrete, looks more attractive and  prevents water infiltration to lower levels. Sealer can be clear or colored.

Bruno Construction Masonry, Inc provides Mansory and tuckpointing services on Commercial and Residential projects through-out the ChicagoLand area.  We have been a masonry and tuckpointing contractor Since 1984.  LIcensed as a Masonry Tuckpointing Contractor in Chicago and Suburbs.